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(Easy Steps) How To delete Tiktok Account Permanently

You are not on tiktok longer and you want to delete your tiktok account permanently. Then you should follow some simple steps in your tiktok app settings.

First of all you should know that if you delete your tiktok account then your all tiktok data will be removed after 30 days since you request for delete your account.

In these 30 days anytime you can recover your account by sign in, if you don't sign in in 30 days then you are data (videos, contacts) will be removed for permanently from tiktok server.

I suggest you to think before delete Your tiktok account, take all backup of your Data if needed.

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How to delete Tiktok Account

  1. Open your tiktok account in your phone(Android/Iphone), if not then install app from Playstore.
  2. Select Me section in tiktok app.
  3. Second select on three dot.
  4. Now select on Manage my account.
  5. Now click on Delete account.
  6. Now click on Verify and Continue.
  7. Now a new popup show you, select your gmail account to confirm.
  8. You show a new confirmation message where you warn about all details to delete account. Click on Delete Acount.
  9. New popup again show and click on Delete, now your all data is deleted and after 30 days your account is parmanently deleted.
In this process your tiktok account is disabled, after 30days your account parmanently deleted. So i suggest you to think before delete or take all backup of your data.
In30 days you can recover your Tiktok account by again login by your account details. 

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